Benefits of Acupuncture: 
 Acupuncture is traditional Oriental medicine and the World Health Organization recognizes its ability to treat over 43 common disorders including but not limited to:

*Gastrointestinal Disorders
*Urogenital Disorders
*Gynecological Disorders
*Respiratory Disorders
* Disorders of the Blood, Muscles, Joints and Nervous System
*Circulatory Disorders
*Emotional and Psychological Disorders
*Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders

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Cost of of this amazing therapy:
60 to 90 minute session...$100
*Treatments are encouraged in 8-10 Sessions, once per week or every other week.  Once a month is encouraged to keep the body tuned-up, balanced, and energetically replenished.

AnShanna Cyrese, Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed Massage Therapist,
Licensed Cosmetologist in Pa.

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