Massage Therapy Services
    We see massage therapy as an education for your body.  Massage therapy lets you know that there are alternative therapies out there to help you with those troublesome issues in your body. Massage is relaxing as well as therapeutic.  Massage is for everyone!
    "Lookie here!"
     Unscented lotions and oils are available for sensitivities
    First Timers: 60 minutes for $50
    Birthday Massages on your birthday: Free 30 mins.
    30 mins. $45
    45 mins. $55
    60 mins. $75
    90 mins. $100

    Aromatherapy Massage
      $5.00 X-Tra to Any Massage
    Essential oils are used to help soothe,
    heal and relax the body naturally thus
    energizing the body,  and relaxing the body.  Many
     scents for you to choose from.
    Bundle Of Joy (PRE-NATAL  MASSAGE)
    Three Months to Delivery $85.00/60 mins
    .Pregnancy massage helps Mommy and baby to stay comfortable while adjusting to the wonderful changes that are happening to both baby and mom over the course of the pregnancy. 
    Chair Massage (SEATED MASSAGE) $1.00 per mins.
    A chair massage is done in a special chair designed for individuals who do not have the time to disrobe and lie on a massage table. Very relaxing for tense and tight neck, shoulders, & back.

    Craniosacral Massage $60 for 60 mins.
    A gentle technique that enables the practitioner to enhance the delicate movements of the craniosacral rhythm in the bones of your head, neck all the way down to your tail. 

    Depth Recharger $80 for 60 mins.
    A deep tissue massage that focuses on realigning deep layers of muscle and connective tissue.  Concentrating on stiff, overused, and painful muscles.  Slower movements and deeper pressure. 

    4 Hand Massage $185
    A revitalizing jump-start with two massage therapists working simultaneously to boost a sluggish system by synchronizing movement to open the body's energy pathways.  Stimulating to body's senses. 

    Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
    60 minutes $75 / 90 minutes $100
    First, the word Lomi Lomi means "massage."  A unique healing massage derived form the ancient Polynesians and from the master healers of Hawaii.  And, the alternate names for Lomi Lomi is "loving hands."  Lomi massage works deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, totally nurturing ghe body and, enabling the client to relax and give in and...be. 

    Swedish Relaxation Massage
    This massage is as beautiful as you imagined it to be.  Soothing for the soul and relaxing for the mind.  A Swedish massage is lite pressure.  

    Reiki $60 for 60 mins.
    A hands-on healing that taps into the energy Chi, or Prana for stressed or depressed internal systems.  Promotes a sense of freedom in your body and brings it back to a place of balance and mental clarity.  Balancing the Chakra system and the energy centers around the body.  For stressed, depressed or sleepless individuals.

    Myofascial Release
    The word "myo" means muscle.  This treatment is the last treatment you will ever need to help with circulation, nerves, and muscle tension and toxin build-up. Non-invasive treatment, no pressure.  Re-structuring the body.

    A calming therapy that uses massage on reflex points, on the head, hands and feet.  This therapy is meant to stimulate the body's healing processes to promote balance and relieve tension. 

    Orthopedic Massage
     60-90 min. $110.00
    Balances  stresses muscles groups.  Short tight muscles of the body are lengthened while weak, overstretched muscles are returned to normal resting length and strengthened.  Orthopedic uses deep tissue, pin and stretch, multidirectional friction, myofascial release, and neuromuscular re-direction. 

    Shiatsu means “finger pressure”, is based
    on the holistic system of traditional Chinese
     medicine, where illness is thought to result
     from imbalances in the natural flow of energy,
     or Qi (Chee) through the body.  Following the pathways of the meridians or meandering rivers of energy that flow thru our bodies releasing the congestion within these pathways.  

     Warm Stone Eucalyptus Massage
    30 mins. -$55./45 mins.-$65/60 mins-$85./90 mins.-$110
    This beautiful massage is meant for the individual who loooooves to be warm!  Gently heated Lava stones are placed around the body to promote healing and a dilation of blood vessels for better circulation throughout the body.   Healing the body on a warmer level.   Eucalyptus oils are put on the stones to increase healing in the muscles. 
    Tame The Elements (SIGNATURE MASSAGE)
    90 mins. $125
    90 minutes of pureness.  Taming the body by using aromatherapy, heat on the hands & feet, and relaxing eye packs.  We use different pressures - Swedish and Deep Tissue, Refelxology, and we balance your Chakras.  We bring the body back.  Servied with a a beautiful Shangri La Tea. 
    Thai Yoga Massage
    60-90 mins. $120/ 90-120 mins. $165
    A beautiful combination of massage, acupressure, stretching, twisting, energy work, and meditation all rolled into one amazing experience.  Inspired by the lovely country of Thailand.  Its pretty much yoga one-on-one!  Enjoy!  Its pretty cool. 

    Yin & Yang Massage ((COUPLES MASSAGE))
    60 mins. $200/ 90 mins. $225
    You & your partner (in the same room) relaxing to a beautiful massage for couples.   Asian blend of oils used on the body for this beautiful massage including the Aromatherapy oil from the flower Ylang-Ylang.    Please let us know when booking this massage if its a birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon, that way we will make this massage extra special. 

    *24 hour Cancellation Notice is Appreciated.
    *Tips are appreciated. All therapists working are Independent Contractors.
    *Feedback is always welcomed as it is a part of our growth.
    *Book in home Parties, Bridal Parties, Bachelor & Bachelorete Parties,
    Corporate Events, and Special Occasions.
    What to expect from your appointment: 
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