Massage therapy lets you know that there are alternative therapies out there to help you with those troublesome issues in your body.
Massage is relaxing as well as therapeutic.
"Lookie here!"
Unscented lotions and oils are available for Allergies!
***Birthday guests receive a free 30 minute massage, must come in on your birthday so, we can celebrate your BIG DAY!!  xo

Aromatherapy is $10.00 for Oils
Essential oils are used to help soothe, heal, relax and energize the body naturally.
We have many scents available for you to choose from up to 2 different oils per massage.

Gently warmed Bamboo sticks of different sizes used for a flowing, rhythmic Swedish or Deep Tissue massage all over the body.  A crisscross technique is
used to stretch the fascia and deep kneading for muscle knots.  Warmed
massage oils are used for a smooth flow.
Available in:  45, 60 and 90 mins......$55,$75,$100

BUNDLE OF JOY (Pre-Natal Massage):
Available in 60 &90 mins, $85 & $105
***Three Months to Delivery ONLY***
Pregnancy massage helps Mommy and baby to stay comfortable while
adjusting to the wonderful changes that are happening to both baby and
mom over the course of the pregnancy. 

CHAIR MASSAGE or Zen Chair Massage:
1-30 mins. $1.00 per min.
Chair Massage is done in a special chair designed for individuals who do not have
the time to disrobe and receive their massage on a table.  This massage focuses on upper body tension.  

Chakra balancing massage is a treatment that incorporates aromatherapy oils  and on the 7 Chakra Centers in the body.  Therapies used are energetic therapies: Reiki, Healing Touch, and intuition to help heal the body naturally. 
Available in: 60,90 mins....$70 & $90

The word "Lomi" means massage in Polynesian.  It is a unique and ancient Polynesian massage from the healers of Hawaii.  It provides a loving hands
and forearms massage that flows gently using long and soothing strokes
that increase circulation throughout the body.
Available in: 45,60,90 mins.....$55,$75,$100 

Available in 90 & 120 mins. $125 & $150
This is about the energy we have been putting out in the universe and what is coming back to us.  We use Intentions, Mantras, Meditation, Massage & your energy.  We will help clear the pathways of blocked or stored up energy so it flows thru your body/life unincumbered.  This service will help identify with thought patterns/habits that have been stifling our flow through life.   

(Reiki Massage):
A hands-on healing that taps into the energy Chi or Prana centers of the mind, body and soul.  Simply put, when you've been muddling over too many things and cannot seem to slow down and focus, this method of treatment will help promote a sense of freedom, balance and mental clarity throughout your body.
Available in: 60, 90 mins......$70,$90

OM SHANTI (Swedish Massage)
Take it all in with our peaceful Swedish Massage.
This relaxing and beautiful massage is for anyone who wants to slow down,
relax, refresh and renew themselves while soothing their mind, body, soul
and creating a sense of inner well being.
Available in: 30, 45, 60, 90 mins...$45,$55, $80,$95


POWER PLANT (4 Hands Massage):
60 min...$190; 90 min...$225
Energize your body with 2 massage therapists mirroring each others movements
in a synchronized fluid motion to boost a sluggish system and stimulate the
body's energy to open up and free any blocked energy.

TAME THE ELEMENTS (Signature Massage):
60 mins ...$100, 90 min...$135
Our ZenErgy Signature Massage will give you a pure and complete experience.
We are taming the body by combining several therapies such as: Aromatherapy, heat on both hands and feet, a soothing eye pack, along with Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology (on feet), and Reiki techniques throughout the entire body.
A little bit of various therapies and a great amount of healing and rejuvination.

YIN & YANG (Couples Massage):
60 min...$185; 90 min...$225
Enjoy a wonderfully relaxing and personal massage experience
with your partner in a warm and cozy room for two.
Please let us know if you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary
or any other special occasion for us to accommodate you and help make your experience that much more special.


CHI DEVIL (Shiatsu Massage):
60 mins...$85 90 mins...$105
Shiatsu means finger pressure, holding along the meridians.
Chi means energy and we all know the Devil symbolizes bad!
This treatment is like Acupuncture therapy, only without the needles!
This helps relieve congestion and opens the flow of energy so you can "Chi-lax". 

60 min...$90; 90 min...$110
This ultimate experience focuses on deep tissues of the muscles and connective
tissues for stiff, overused and painful areas.  Steeped with warmed Arnica
(an anti inflammatory oil), we use slower and deeper pressure movements for
the ultimate unraveling experience.

LIQUID YOGA (Tai Massage): 
60-90 mins. $125 90mins-2 hours $185
A wonderful combination of massage, acupressure, stretching,
twisting, energy work and meditation, all rolled into one beautiful experience. Served with warm tea.

60 min...$80, 90 mins...$110
The word "myo" means muscle and fascia is what covers those muscles. A safe and effective treatment, this therapy is used to eliminate pain and restore motion.
It involves applying gentle pressure to the fascia for a holding pattern,
while the tissue relaxes.

60 - 90 min...$115
Orthopedic massage improves range of motion through deep tissue, pin and stretch, multi-directional friction, myofascial release and neuro-muscular techniques.  This will provide balance of stressed muscles groups where short tight muscles of the body are lengthened, while weak and overstretched muscles are returned to normal resting length and strengthened.

1-30 mins...$1.00 per min.
A calming therapy that uses massage on reflex points located on the head,
hands and feet.  This therapy is meant to stimulate the body's healing
processes to promote balance and relieve tension.
Available in increments of 30, 45, 60 and 90 minute sessions.

TAPAS MASSAGE (Warm Stone Massage)
60 mins....$90, 90 mins...$115
New levels of Zen come in the form of warmed Lava Stones that are bathing in Eucalyptus & Peppermint scented aromatherapy oils.  Stones are placed on the body to open up stuck areas and massaged into the muscle tissue.  Helps to dilate blood vessels to bring nourishment back to stiff muscles. 

-Aromatherapy........2 Oils $10
-Warm Bamboo Sticks......$1.00 per mins.....1-30 mins.
-Warm Stones (call ahead).......$1.00 per mins.....1-30 mins
-Hot Packs/Cold Packs.......$0.00
-Therapro Vibration Therapy.......$0.00
-Kinesiotaping......2 Strips...$20
-Cupping Cups (circulation).........$25

*24 hour Cancellation Notice is Appreciated.
*Tips are appreciated. 
*Feedback is always welcomed as it is a part of our growth.
*Book in home Parties, Bridal Parties, Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties,
Corporate Events, and Special Occasions.

Massage Therapy Packages
30 Minute Massages
Buy 4 get 1 Free=$180 Save=$45
Buy 6 get 2 Free=$270 Save=$90
60 Minute Massages
Buy 4 get 1 Free=$300 Save=$75
Buy 6 get 2 Free=$450 Save=$150
90 Minute Massages
Buy 4 get 1 Free=$400 Save=$100
Buy 6 get 2 Free=$600 Save=$200

The sale of all Packages are final, no exchanges or returns. 
Massage Packages can be given away as gifts to family and friends.
 Must be used in 1 year from date of purchase!
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