Medium Massage, by Rose
I am a medium.  When I first learned I had the gift of being able to hear spirits on the other side was because, of  my sister, Tara who died in 2007. 
How my gift was presented to me is, I would begin to pick up names, and information about our clients and people in their family that have passed on, while I was doing Reiki on my clients. 

I can only guess the reason it happens is when myself and the client are very relaxed and centered in our minds, and bodies. 

What ever the reason for these message coming through, I can only hope that this therapy helps put my client at ease knowing that their loved one that has passed is out there working in their lives, praying for them, and comforting them!
 The process may take 60-90 minutes. 
Cost: $145.00, To Rose Firdous
Peace, Love and Light

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