Million Dollar Massage

Yes, It really  costs $1,000,000.00
Actually, we will donate to our or, your favorite charity.

What comes with a million dollar massage?

A million dollar Massage!   From the time you enter our door your are treated like a real person with real needs.  You will be treated like a million bucks because we believe in an authentic personal service, a hands-on service, a human kind experience that inspires our lives! 

You will experience a massage like no other massage you have ever had.  Why?  Not just because we are outstanding in our field, but you should feel joy, fun, and relaxed while you are here spending time with us!!  

Our name is:  ZenErgy Day Spa & Yoga, break that  name down and look at what you get?  A little bit of Zen and a lot of Energy!  What we  hope for our clients, to learn about  Zen arts and through that you will experience more energy in your body, mind, and soul!  

We crazy love what we do!  We dedicate this service to our Mother who raised 8 kids on her own but, passed early from Alzheimers. One our our favorite charities.  Our mommy, who never had the opportunity to experience a day at the spa-we dedicate all we do to you and this service to all our customers! 

Cherish Everything!

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